Best Kanelbulle in Stockholm..

In Sweden, like the rest of Scandinavia, they love their pastries and sweet breads. And the most famous are the Cinnamon Rolls, or Kanelbulle in Swedish. Especially since they’re one half of the traditional, fika, which basically means coffee break. The other half being coffee, which the Swedes are known to consume in crazy amounts.

Anyway, so I’ve really been enjoying Kanelbulle in Sweden, and I was searching for places in Goteborg, which are knows for their Kanelbulle. I was told there was a very traditional bakery, somewhere in the old town which makes really good Kanelbulle. While searching for it on the internet, I came across, and their video of finding the best Kanelbulle in Stockholm.

So when I was in Stokholm last week, I decided to try to find this place Saturnus. Thanks to Google maps, I figured it was pretty near where I was staying, so I went there for Lunch and ofcourse Kanelbulle.

So what’s the verdict? Yup. These guys are correct this is the best Kanelbulle I’ve had (at least in my 1month here). It’s absolutely tasty and absolutely HUGE!


Kanelbulle at Saturnus, Stockholm


HUGE Kanelbulle at Saturnus, Stockholm

My Kanelbulle

My Kanelbulle

And to be fair to the place, the Sandwiches there were pretty awesome too.

So next time you’re in Stockholm, you know where to go.. :)

2 comments so far

  1. nadia on

    Hello all,

    I like the Kanelbulle very much!!!
    I went to Saturnus too, they are great!!

    Please, when anybody has THE PERFECT KANELBULLE RECEIPE, let me know!!

    Thank you!!!!!

    Kindest regards from The Netherlands,

    I speak german / english / dutch and a little Svenska

  2. NTT on

    Hi Nadia,

    Yup. Kanelbulle are awesome! For recipes, you can look around the Internet, but practice makes perfect. Keep trying and you’ll get better.



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