About NTT

NTT(Not The Tupolev) is Marathi. Every single bit of him. And he is proud of it! Jai Maharashtra!!.

Anyway, NTT has barely managed to graduate from National University of Singapore, and is an underpayed-overworked software developer at a communications equipment company. But NTT loves his job, and thus is unwilling to share more information about it…

NTT tries very hard to be tech savy. While his domain has always been hardcore embedded systems, he loves to play around with other things, like Java, Linux, audio stuff, micontrollers, open source software, web technologies and technology in general.

He has started on many projects in these areas, but time limitations and plain old laziness has ensured that none of these are completed. Thus, he remains always on the quest to find some free time and work on his projects… 

Having lived in Singapore for 12yrs, NTT has a major case of Identity Crisis which he is trying hard to solve!

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