Womad.. an Audio tour..

Before I can do a good review of WOMAD.. let me just post up some audio clips..

I went there on Sunday armed with the H4 and lots of battery and SD cards..

Here are some of the sounds of WOMAD… Not at all comprehensive, but an appetizer..

David D’Or


Clube do Balanço


The Eccentric by Shooglenifty




Muntu Valdo


Might take a little bit to load.. Have some patience..

7 comments so far

  1. rinaz on

    Gosh those recordings sound awesome! For a moment I thought you put on the CD recordings!

  2. NTT on

    Yea.. the H4 is really good for field recordings..

    I should be doing more of those..

  3. Farinelli on

    Ya man. Fantastic. I was thinking of recording the “doors closing” clip lol. can put on freesound

  4. NTT on

    Yea.. Those can be really fun. Then you also put some effects on those and try to come up with something wierd and different..

  5. http://pressposts.com/Music/Womad—Audio-tour–/

    Submited post on PressPosts.com – “Womad.. an Audio tour..”

    • Brandi on

      That’s an expert answer to an inneiestrtg question

    • http://www.kreditrechnerco.info/ on

      Tudi jaz se bom pridružila tej molitveni skupini, ker že dober mesec usak dan zmolim rožni venec bom molila od zdaj najprej za vse, ki tukaj prosijo Gospoda. Jezus vas ima rad!

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