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Hanging out at 6th Ave..

In the last 2 weeks, I have been to 6th Avenue thrice.. and I am starting to love the place…

So I went there for the first time 2 weeks ago with Jerrick from Tech65 for dinner, as well as to get some fresh espresso for our Tiramisu..

My only knowledge of this area was that it looks posh and expensive when I went past it when I took 67 to Bukit Batok during Natak rehersal.. Oh and I had read a good review of a restaurant somewhere here on Popagandhi‘s blog..

So Jerrick introduced me to this small corner Pizza place.. Pizza Da Donato!.

It was a “hole in the wall Pizza place”, and they serve many many flavours of pizza, all freshly baked and laid out behind the counter.. The best part is that they are cut up in squares, from the huge Pizza which is baked, also as a square.. Reminded me of Rome, where they sold Pizza by the gram, and you had to point how big a cut you wanted from the huge square of pizza beind the counter.. Anyway, so it’s $7 a peice. I think it’s decently priced for 6th Ave.. and you get a wide variety of tasty fresh toppings.. My favourite is the Eggplant and the Spinach…

Last week, I endded up at Pizza Da Donato again with my parents. Walking around a little further towards Annamalai Ave. We found the Wiener Kaffeehause… I remember, my Austrian friend was mentioning that there was one near Chinatown, which she found pretty good.. We were too full from Pizza that do, so we skipped it..

But, I found myself on 6th Avenue on Friday evening with some colleagues, and being the coffee junkies we are, we went to the Wiener Kaffeehause.. It’s a typical 6th Avenue type “posh” place.. But very nice and quiet, with a little old world charm.. The coffee is served in shiny plates with shiny silverware to go along.. The coffee itself was nice.. It had a little sour after-taste as is expected of Viennese coffee.. but I liked the Einspaenner, which I had..

So.. 6th Avenue seems like a nice place to hangout, especially for the food… And I will surely be going there often..

Anyone game for Viennese Coffee?

P.S. I really need a camera..