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You can contact NTT by emailing him at

notthetup [at] gmail

Else just leave a comment below with you email address. NTT will try his best to reply!

11 comments so far

  1. Harro! on

    Hi NTT, was great talking to you and the other bloggers. Perseverance always pays off. :) Talk to you later…

  2. Harro! on

    You account has been reset. Let me know if you have any issues. Cheers.

  3. NTT on

    Hey Harro, Thanks, I will take a look.

  4. lonce on

    Hi – I am the NUS Prof that hosted Ajay’s visit.
    I am glad you enjoyed the performance.
    Can you drop me an email? I want to ask you about
    your OSC project …
    – lonce
    p.s. gmail bounces?

  5. gopi.k on

    i would like to have information about the new technology called audio spot lighting or focused sound.please email to me about that.all wishes for NTT.

  6. ankit on

    hey m in love with jithin’s first flight to singapore…m repetitively listening to it from the past 1week…can u plz plz plz mail it to me at i can’t stream the audio all the time na..thnks…

  7. gilbert on

    hi, we would like to broadcast your stuff on our radio. Care to contact me? Cheers!!!

  8. NTT on



  9. Bharat on

    I tried to find Vande Mataram An Electronic Exploration, in our city of Ahmedabad. I however could not find the same. Where can I download the same. I visited some websites, but they ask for exorbitant costs more over they insist that first I become their member by paying a big lump-sum amount. Can You Help Me.

    Bharat, Ahmedabad, India

  10. NTT on


    Heh.. I got it from ITunes.. You can find it here..

  11. Chanra Sekar on

    Dear NTT,

    Cheers !! Nice to hear the voice again tech65.
    You blog is interesting…particularly -the Audio related.
    From Esplanade Stage to Zen/Zii. Hope to catch u soon…online/offline.
    Good Wishes.

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