Hak5 <3 Rev3

So recently my favourite videocast.. well one of my favourites, Hak5 joined the Revision3 network.. WOOT!!

Now they release weekly episodes with more hacking and l33t stuff.. So here’s to the Hak5 guys..

Trust Your Technolust!!..

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  1. malique on

    rev3 is the new g4tv/techtv!!
    rev3 is having a host audition btw, go ntt, go!

    • Buffy on

      Why do I bother calilng up people when I can just read this!

    • I am glad to hear that the white bird is inconsistent in different episodes. I actually bought a new gaming mouse because I thought it must be my mouse button causing the problem. I do enjoy the features of the G9X Logitech mouse, but it didn’t help with the white bird.

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