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Directional Loudspeakers..

I had talked about this looong time ago. And finally, I got a chance to study and work on some ideas about Directional Loudpseakers..

This was a poster we made for a course at school.. (It was for educational purposes)


This track by the Midival Punditz called Tonic is stuck in my head..

As I did before.. I don’t know the lyrics of this track. But I am gonna jot it down as much as I can understand. (Hopefully someone will help me like last time.. :$:$)


Tadpey, Bin balam, mora jiya.
Bin nahi chain, rain nahi neendiya
Tadap Tadap ke, bhor kiya.
Tadpey, Bin balam, mora jiya.

Back together third disk massive forever
Swinging Delhi on the map and all you cats know that
Gand me ?? mo********er like my beats real fat
My ancestory is partial to getting marshal, I bring it to the now,
I keep my eyes on my opponent, even when I bow.
World class Artistery, deadly profeciency.
Main Kudiyon ka vada, jee I am nahin baat akeli
tu hi best disco dancer no 1. ekdam
sabki loud ladkiya naram garam
mien jab se paida hu ??? shivam say boom beem delhi soon
staying high, flying low, staying hot and keeping cool
just like a warrior with a sharp trishul
the slick spot, the subsonic sureshot
i do what i must, puff, a week of cuss
i roll black charas
tum chaho ??? tu chahe jo samajhlo, bro
by now you know my flow, so blow the shankh
mera joota mere hai jannat ke pankha
great work scala, main hun nache wala
in my gulli ruppes beat the dolla!!!

-Midival Punditz

Funky Waves..

We were trying to animate a mode which we measured on a beam for one of the labs at school… Ofcourse, Matlab it was for all the data processing and animation. We used the ‘patch‘ command to generate a surface with many elements and then moved them individually as per the measurements.

Now of course Matlab let’s you save each plot as a bitmap and play them back as a movie, but then it’s stuck in Matlab.. So how do you render it to a ‘standard’ file? Well, there is mpgwrite. You can find it at Matlab Central which is a really cool community where you can get tonnes of Matlab help and pre-written scripts and libraries which help you do lots of things..

Now, that’s all cool, but mpgwrite uses a Matlab executable(.mex) to do all the heavy lifting in C. So that mean I had to compile it myself. Not a problem I thought.. With macports, I should have all the things I need.. So we ‘make‘.. But I had some errors.. Looking at the forum for mpgwrite, I saw this solution…

A few hints on how to compile would be nice. I see others have had the same problem, so I’ll share how I managed to compile it under Mac OS X 10.4.8 running on an Intel Mac Pro.

1) First, you must change file pbmplus.h, at line 101 change to

2) Locate where you mex compiler is. In my case it is /Applications/MATLAB73/bin/mex. The full path must be written in the Makefile, i.e. it says simply “mex” on line 8, however it must be the full path to the mex compiler (as written above).

3) Type make at the command line (not in MatLab) – of course you must be in the src/ directory to do this.

4) Enjoy your .mex*-file!

Hope this helps.

And Voila!! It compiled.. So I continued to export the matlab animation and made an mpeg out of it… Check it out..

For those who are interested.. This is a mixed mode with some part torsional and some part bending wave..

Best Kanelbulle in Stockholm..

In Sweden, like the rest of Scandinavia, they love their pastries and sweet breads. And the most famous are the Cinnamon Rolls, or Kanelbulle in Swedish. Especially since they’re one half of the traditional, fika, which basically means coffee break. The other half being coffee, which the Swedes are known to consume in crazy amounts.

Anyway, so I’ve really been enjoying Kanelbulle in Sweden, and I was searching for places in Goteborg, which are knows for their Kanelbulle. I was told there was a very traditional bakery, somewhere in the old town which makes really good Kanelbulle. While searching for it on the internet, I came across, and their video of finding the best Kanelbulle in Stockholm.

So when I was in Stokholm last week, I decided to try to find this place Saturnus. Thanks to Google maps, I figured it was pretty near where I was staying, so I went there for Lunch and ofcourse Kanelbulle.

So what’s the verdict? Yup. These guys are correct this is the best Kanelbulle I’ve had (at least in my 1month here). It’s absolutely tasty and absolutely HUGE!


Kanelbulle at Saturnus, Stockholm


HUGE Kanelbulle at Saturnus, Stockholm

My Kanelbulle

My Kanelbulle

And to be fair to the place, the Sandwiches there were pretty awesome too.

So next time you’re in Stockholm, you know where to go.. :)

Fools and their gold… #3

OK. I will admit that I really suck at doing April Fools jokes.. and you can “whack” me all you wants for it.. Last two years I did them, and managed to con a grand total of 1 person each time…

This time I conned a few more with the joke about me leaving Tech65. Yes. It was a joke (a really bad one as I realized later..).

I appologize for freaking you out, and thank all the people who gave their support. You guys are truely great friends, and I will never play such a prank on you again.. 

And about Tech65.

1. Tech65 has never over-done social media. Social Media and related fields have became such an integral part of Technology these days that it’s almost¬†impossible to differentiate them.¬†

2. The multimedia content on Tech65 is under Creative Commons license, but the other things are not. This is a legal issue that we are trying to resolve. We’ll try to make all our content Creative Commons as soon as we find a way. And there’s NOTHING I believe in more than XKCD!

3. Tech65 is run entirely on passion. We don’t make ANY money (or bananas or peanuts). We just love being geeky, and talking about Tech all day. And all of us will do it even if we had to pay money for it!!!

And, Daniel is really a great Editor in Chief of Tech65. He has the vision to grow and direct Tech65 to really help the community and public in with respect to Technology. I really respect him for this. We promise to try our best to keep giving you quality content as we have done for the past 2 yrs.

So finally, Tech65 is still together and going strong. As a matter of fact we are looking at bringing aboard more editors and especially producers to expand the team. So if you’re really interested in joining the team, do email anyone of us at Tech65 and we’ll see what we can do.

Hak5 <3 Rev3

So recently my favourite videocast.. well one of my favourites, Hak5 joined the Revision3 network.. WOOT!!

Now they release weekly episodes with more hacking and l33t stuff.. So here’s to the Hak5 guys..

Trust Your Technolust!!..

The End..

Due to lots of other commitments, and a very very busy schedule, I have decided to end this blog. I have not been offering any interesting content and I am not satisfied by the updates I am posting on my blog.

Thus, I will close this blog. It was nice having all of you as readers. Thanks for your support. :D

Baavra mann……

Baavra mann dekhne chala ek sapna…

Baavre se mann ki dekho Baavri hain baatein
Baavre se mann ki dekho Baavri hain baatein
Baavri si dhadkanein hain Baavri hain saansein
Baavri si karvaton se nindiya tu bhaage
Baavre se nain chaahein Baavre jharokhon se
Baavre nazaaron ko takna

Baavre se is jahaan mein Baavra ek saath ho
Is Sayanee bheed mein Bas haathon mein tera haath ho
Baavri si dhun ho koi Baavra ek raag ho
Ho baavri si dhun ho koi Baavra ek raag ho
Baavre se pair chaahein Baavre taraanon ke
Baavre se bol pe thirakna

Baavra sa ho andhera Baavri khaamoshiyaan
Baavra sa ho andhera Baavri khaamoshiyaan
Thartharaati lau ho maddham Baavri madhoshiyaan
Baavra ek ghungta chaahe Haule haule bin bataaye
Baavra ek ghungta chaahe Haule haule bin bataaye
Baavre se mukhde se sarakna

-Swanand Kirkire

(Hazaaron Khwaahishen Aisi)

Merry Christmas…..

Merry Christmas….. To all of you!!!

No time 2 blog now…. Updates coming soon…

Dasaryachya Shubheccha!!

Sarva Mandaleenna Dasaryachya Shubheccha!!

(cant seem to find my Marathi Fonts)….