The Speak Good English Campaign


Errr… .:S

Oh I get it… “Speak Good English Campaign” is only for spoken English…


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  1. hendribudi on

    Haha, where was this taken? :P

  2. NTT on


    Oh. I forgot to mention..

    It was taken in my office, on a door to a “lab”.

  3. malique on

    hello and welcome to engrish dot com!

  4. DK on

    hmm…. this is so wrong in many ways…. lol

  5. SuRfsLaYeR on

    dear me..i dun understand the meaning of the sign.. =X

  6. NTT on


    It should be “Harro and Weicome… ”


    Yea.. Lets not even go there..


    Err… to “Shampoo the carpet” is to clean the carpet with shampoo..

    This notice was put up outside the door of the room which the building admin did not want to have the carpet cleaned.

  7. sweska on

    ok since i already know where and what it means, now who put it up?? :P did ya??

    and DK what’s so wrong about it expect for the grammar?? hmmm… tsk tsk tsk :P

  8. NTT on


    Err.. why would I put it up?? :S:S:S That was probably someone from the admin..

    As to what’s wrong with it….. hmm… I think I’d rather not say.. You are sooo innocent.. :p

  9. incywincy on

    eh i also dun understand what’s so funny (besides the gross syntax error) abt it leh! :X

  10. xizor2000 on

    my england not the powderful. lol

  11. NTT on


    Ner mind.. too many innocent ppl here…


    OK. I think that phrase is overused…

  12. John on

    Stupid sign, just speak English(.)

  13. thanu on

    What is so funny(ecl de grammar error)
    I ain’t gettin anything :( :( :(

  14. NTT on


    In English, you can’t concatenate the noun and the verb to create another verb. So you can’t say “to Carpet-Shampoo”. It should always be “to Shampoo the Carpet”…

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