Experiment #2415 : Use Maths.


Gah…. Even my beloved Mathematics can’t help me…


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  1. DK on

    Seeing stars.

  2. malique on

    i pretend i didnt read that.

  3. Miss Loi on

    Maybe should be proven this way:

    Assume no. of hours (Today) = 24 is true.

    It has been observed that no. of hours (Today+1) is also true.

    Therefore by Mathematical Induction we conclude each day has 24 hours, for all days.

    Hur hur hur.

  4. NTT on

    @dk.. Never use any *s leh.. How come u see *??

    @malique.. Too geeky for u?? :p

    @missloi. Err.. I am trying to prove that, each day can have more than 24h.. Haiz… It feels so lame to explain the joke.. Gah..

  5. Daphne Maia on

    uh… say what? i got lost after the first line.

  6. NTT on

    Gah.. I give up… No one gets it… Haiz..

  7. Tianhong on

    haha Miss Loi got it right.

  8. NTT on

    @Tianhong. I think she was trying prove something else..

    For the last time… It’s a JOKE!! Gah.. I give up..

  9. uzyn on

    NTT, I think you should leave out ‘(need to prove this part)’ to make it into a proper joke. I kind of missed the joke earlier on because I thought you were making a question up for us to insert the proof for that.

    And you’ll probably also need to write out the problem statement, ie. Prove that each day can have more than 24 hours.

    @Others He’s trying to make use of mathematical induction, albeit one of the statement has no logical truth, to prove that one day can have more than 24 hours.

  10. NTT on

    @uzyn. Ah yes.. Maybe..

    But it feels sooooo lame to have to explain a joke.. Anyway… Next time I’ll try to make them more obvious…

  11. Joycie on

    Maths! Argghhh..

    *running away in the different direction*

  12. NTT on

    Huh?? Dunno why you all run away from Maths.. It’s really easy lah… Ask Miss Loi.. :p

  13. LLY on

    reply to ur tag:

    Did u see the screenshot on my post?
    I was using FF wad (-_-)”

  14. LLY on

    reply to ur tag:

    That’s a vista-aero skin, lol…
    IE7’s tool bar area has a slightly different colour.

    you rarely updates ur blog hor?

  15. NTT on


    Oh ok.. haha… kena deceived.. Anyway, use adblock with FF.. should block all these Ads.

    I only blog when I feel like.. And I blog for myself.. So no schedule.. no gurantee.. Maybe have… maybe not.. hehehe

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