Sleep….Where art thou???

This absolutely sucks….

I was not feeling so well, so I decided to sleep early today!! I have been sleeping pretty late for the past week, so this is like a big deal.

I try to sleep and I cant seem to fall asleep!!….Ahhhhhhhhhhh

Was tossing and turning for an hour. So I decided to listen to some music to help me sleep…

Thats when I realised that I had left my headphones at home! Man….

So I listened to an Engadget podcast….Though listening to all that tecky stuff would ‘bore’ me to sleep…..But guess what… I am more awake than before!

And I hate this state. My brain seems to be needing the sleep. It’s like working at 50%. But my body does not wanna sleep…..

Sigh…I think I’ll just blog some great link that I found….

1. Ever wanted to own a microscope?? I rem I used to have one, but this one is way cooler…

2.PodLocker promises security, delivers torn pants…”

3. Smart Fire Alarm….Is it me or do you think that the neural network is a bit of an overkill????

4. A tea serving robot!!! Man…wastage of technology…..

5. Zeno zit zapper… Whatever man….

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OK….Now I shall go back to trying to sleep again….


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