Its that time again….

Oh yippiee…

Its that time of the year again…..

The time when you :

1. argue with ur best friend that exams don’t make sense…

2. wonder if there is any point in mugging millions of pages of stuff that does not make sense..

3. wonder if you are in the wrong course (never wondered that…at least…:P:P)

4. wonder why they never let you print out your cheat-sheets. (I mean they let you cheat anyway right)

5. toss a coin to decide which of the chapters you should read before the exam (I personally dont trust those coins….I have other ways)

6. wonder what would really happen if you put all ‘B’ for you MCQ exams…

7. tell yourslef that the only reason you find it difficult this time around is because you didnt study consistently from the start of the sem. And next sem you surely will.

8. dream about the time when you had so much fun in the lecture with your friends…while trying to think of what the professor was trying to say.

9. hope that there is webcast for this course….

10. wonder how to finish watching 24hrs worth of webcast before the exam in the afternooon

11. wonder what you are still doing in NUS…

12. wonder where you put that “Withdrawl from University” form….

Well… For those who need it and for all the other over-acheivers who don’t….

Good Luck!!!

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