This track by the Midival Punditz called Tonic is stuck in my head..

As I did before.. I don’t know the lyrics of this track. But I am gonna jot it down as much as I can understand. (Hopefully someone will help me like last time.. :$:$)


Tadpey, Bin balam, mora jiya.
Bin nahi chain, rain nahi neendiya
Tadap Tadap ke, bhor kiya.
Tadpey, Bin balam, mora jiya.

Back together third disk massive forever
Swinging Delhi on the map and all you cats know that
Gand me ?? mo********er like my beats real fat
My ancestory is partial to getting marshal, I bring it to the now,
I keep my eyes on my opponent, even when I bow.
World class Artistery, deadly profeciency.
Main Kudiyon ka vada, jee I am nahin baat akeli
tu hi best disco dancer no 1. ekdam
sabki loud ladkiya naram garam
mien jab se paida hu ??? shivam say boom beem delhi soon
staying high, flying low, staying hot and keeping cool
just like a warrior with a sharp trishul
the slick spot, the subsonic sureshot
i do what i must, puff, a week of cuss
i roll black charas
tum chaho ??? tu chahe jo samajhlo, bro
by now you know my flow, so blow the shankh
mera joota mere hai jannat ke pankha
great work scala, main hun nache wala
in my gulli ruppes beat the dolla!!!

-Midival Punditz

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  1. > Naidu on

    -Diamond Kada Motha… like my beats real phat….
    – Me gudionka-ji.. Time nahee baat khar de ghi….
    -Me to he best disco dancer…
    -Hit ya Chillum say boom….
    -Sangeet Bohaut loud… ladikiya Naram garam….
    -The warrior with the sharp trishul
    -I do what i must, BAS, Reek of Khus.
    -Break Beat Scholar, Mei hum nachne walla.

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