Hello Sweden..

I have been in Sweden for the past four days, and I have been really enjoying it. The weather has been amazing, and so have the people. It feel really easy in a country where almost everyone speaks decent English. Most of the signs are in English as well, or can be inferred from Swedish very easily (more on that later).


I’ve also been meeting many interesting. The current suspects are dutch student, a french teacher, a dutch bagpacker. Hehe. We went out on a day trip to the Göteborg Archipelago. It was really great weather and interesting company. Although we didn’t manage to solve all the worlds problems over the lunch table, we tried.. :P

I’m also enjoying the food here.. My guilty pleasure is the supermarket trip. But, I am trying not to buy too many things for now, since I will be moving into a new place soon. But still I couldn’t resist a huge block of Gouda cheese (much to the disappointment of the dutch who don’t like their cheese made from pasteurized milk.. ah well)

I have also started a Posterous Travelog at http://chinpen.posterous.com. Do check it out and give comments and suggestion. I would love to interact with all of you during my travels and allow you to see Europe as I see it.

3 comments so far

  1. sweska on

    wow cool :p *jeles*

    ok make sure you pig out and travel loads and blog loads :D

  2. Daniel on

    Hey you gotta visit the http://www.miniatur-wunderland.com/ if you go to germany!!

  3. sweska on

    @daniel: reminds me of Madurodam at Haug, Netherlands :p

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