Shifting’s a Bitch but…

When I last moved, I had complained about how shifting is a bitch. This time however, I am using MANY of the things I mentioned about last time.

1. I am taking MANY days to pack.. I have started sorting almost 2 weeks before.

2. I am not taking MANY MANY things with me. Those will either be stored with a someone in Singapore, or sent to India with parents.

3. I am trashing even more things. This is the big one.. As I keep sorting, I come across many things which have no use now, and will most probably have no use in the future.. So what to do with them?? Trash them!!!

4. Scanning most of the documents I need. Bills, IncomeTax stuff, CFP stuff, financial stuff and all are getting scanned and saved to something like Evernote. That way I will have access to them everywhere and not have to lug thick folders around. Now only if I had that Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner..

Hopefully with all this, I should be able to fit everything I need to bring over in the 30Kgs that I am allowed and the box I am going to ship over afterwards. Let’s see!!!

2 comments so far

  1. Zhiqiang on

    Packing your entire life into 30kg! Good Luck Chinmay! :-)


  2. sweska on

    Thankfully importantly things like docs and pics can be digitised and precious things can be kept in mind :)

    So how do you decide what to throw away?

    All the best *thumbs up* :D :D

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