Europe beckons.. and I will go!

Last year in March, I blogged about wanting to to go Europe.

Europe has always charmed me with it’s culture, it’s people, the food (especially the food) and the way people think. It might not be the best place on earth, but I do like it quiet a bit.

Having had a great exprience during my exchange days in Denmark, I have decided to go back to Europe for further studies. I will be studying Sound and Vibration, at the Chalmers University in Goteborg, Sweden.

I’ve always loved to study. My days at NUS were some of the best till then. I am hoping to learn and explore even more things in another area of my interest while I am there in Sweden. Hopefully it will open many news avenues and give me many new opportunies in the next few years.

So yes, a new chapter to my life will start in about a month’s time. It’s a two year course and so I’ll be Goteborg for next two years… :)

P.S. If you’re gonna be in that part of the world, just drop me an email/im and we can surely meetup.. :)

14 comments so far

  1. rinaz on

    But will I miss you! *cries*

  2. Sweska on

    Whoa :p so cool… Exactly what you wanted !! Congrats!!

    And rinaz… He will actually be nearer to Italy now. So you better demand a visit from him :p

  3. sylv on

    wowwww! That’s quite sudden!

    We’ll miss you! Take care in Sweden. Don’t get fat by too many meatballs. :P

  4. Daphne Maia on

    wow, i think this is a great opportunity! all the best, ntt. i will definitely miss u.

    and with the 2 most brutal people (most brutal towards me) away from Singapore, one being in Sweden the other in Connecticut USA.. my life will be SO BORING! :( :(

  5. hendri on

    Whoa, so that’s why you resigned huh… Congrats and take care! :)

  6. Felix Ker on

    OMG Woah. Great plan!

  7. uzyn on

    Wow that’s very sudden. It was only a few weeks ago that you told me about your new job.

    Happy for you!

  8. NTT on

    @Rinaz Err… I’ll come meet you in Italy lah.. :P

    @Sweska Yes Indeed!! Thanks!

    @sylv Not really sudden. I just didn’t want to announce until everything was decided and confirmed.. And with the weather there, don’t worry about me getting ‘healthier’

    @daphnemaia Hehehe.. But there’s always twitter and plurk and im.. I’ll still bully you.. Don’t worry..

    @hendri Yes!!

    @Felix Thanks. Yup.. :)

    @uzyn Dude. That was like a few months ago.. Hahah.. That’s how long we haven’t met.. But yea I was only at this place for a few months.. Only to try to finish off my bond.

  9. supriya on

    sigh. don’t forget to look for my friend Supriya in Gotenburg. He’s a lot of fun! (Yes. that was a HE)

  10. sweska on

    along with twitter and plurk you also must update your blog, fb and what not :p otherwise we can always bug you over the net !

  11. Daphne Maia on

    u’ll be too busy to bully me, i’ll bet! :P

  12. NTT on

    @Daphnemaia No lah.. I think I’ll have more time.. :P

  13. MKL on

    Welcome to Europe! :)

  14. Zhiqiang on

    Yo Chinmay

    Good for you! Enjoy your studies in Sweden; do explore around too.. I was there for 6 months on the eastern side – Stockholm and i had not had enough fun.. :-)


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