Fools and their gold… #3

OK. I will admit that I really suck at doing April Fools jokes.. and you can “whack” me all you wants for it.. Last two years I did them, and managed to con a grand total of 1 person each time…

This time I conned a few more with the joke about me leaving Tech65. Yes. It was a joke (a really bad one as I realized later..).

I appologize for freaking you out, and thank all the people who gave their support. You guys are truely great friends, and I will never play such a prank on you again.. 

And about Tech65.

1. Tech65 has never over-done social media. Social Media and related fields have became such an integral part of Technology these days that it’s almost impossible to differentiate them. 

2. The multimedia content on Tech65 is under Creative Commons license, but the other things are not. This is a legal issue that we are trying to resolve. We’ll try to make all our content Creative Commons as soon as we find a way. And there’s NOTHING I believe in more than XKCD!

3. Tech65 is run entirely on passion. We don’t make ANY money (or bananas or peanuts). We just love being geeky, and talking about Tech all day. And all of us will do it even if we had to pay money for it!!!

And, Daniel is really a great Editor in Chief of Tech65. He has the vision to grow and direct Tech65 to really help the community and public in with respect to Technology. I really respect him for this. We promise to try our best to keep giving you quality content as we have done for the past 2 yrs.

So finally, Tech65 is still together and going strong. As a matter of fact we are looking at bringing aboard more editors and especially producers to expand the team. So if you’re really interested in joining the team, do email anyone of us at Tech65 and we’ll see what we can do.

3 comments so far

  1. Mintea on

    I’m actually surprised that people took it seriously that you guys abandoning Tech65 like rats on sinking ship. Sure, I must say that it got me for like 5 seconds when I was reading Jerrick’s blog but when he started trashing you, Daniel, Nicole and DK, I knew that something was up.

    I guess some people didn’t find it funny.

    Well, I didn’t find it funny either because it was way obvious.

    Anyway, I’m still glad that you guys are still together. Where else am I going to get geeky podcasts locally?

  2. Joker on

    It’s April fool. Why so serious?

  3. I am out of Tech65.. | ChinPen on

    […] this was a failed attempt at April Fool’s prank..  […]

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