I am out of Tech65..

Btw, this was a failed attempt at April Fool’s prank.. 


Since Daniel has already made the annoucement on Tech65, I guess I have to set things straight here. I joined Tech65 almost 2 years ago, when I met Jerrick and Daniel at the E-Life Starbucks. I thought they were a really great team, and had the potential of  becoming the Rev3 of Singapore.

However in the recent days things took a turn for the worse, and there have been many disagreements between me and the rest of the Tech65 crew. Thus, for the following reasons I have decided to leave Tech65.

1. Too much Social Media content. I am sick of people ranting and raving about Social Networking and Social Media. Tech65 was supposed to do Tech Podcasts and not discuss Marketting and PR strategies. I cannot be a part of a team who desecrate the ideaology and purity of Technology with things like Social Media, PR and Marketting. And it doesn’t help when one sees such updates to the team and promises for such kind of content.

2. No respect for Creative Commons and Open Source Content. When I initially joined Tech65, I pushed for our content to be made Creative Commons and Open. I believe in these things more than XKCD, and I finally managed to convince the crew last year. However, in the recent few weeks, un-beknowest to me, they decide to change that and got only the audio and video part of our content published as Creative Commons (you can see it on the website). I find this disgusting. Not only do I believe that we should pay forward the good will and the help we’re getting from everyone, but it’s just disrespectful to change things back without my knowledge.

3. The Tech65’s upper managment’s attitude with respect to finance was the last straw. While it’s great to have an organization which is based of volunteerism and individual interest and passion. But it just sucks when you find out that it’s all a lie. I always believed that Tech65 was running as non-profit organisation. But recently, I have noticed a lot of plugging going on in the content. I got suspicious when the same party was plugged recurrently, for no obvious reason. I am sure Hisham will agree with me on this. More investigation revealed that Tech65 was being paid for plugs!! Obvious question of jounalistic integrity aside, I found it hard that while the upper management was making a great deal of bananas (and I will say it’s a sweet deal for this kind of economy), we were getting paid only peanuts!! Even the weekly coffee at GT, is out of my own pocket..

And thus I have deicided that I will leave Tech65 and let this joke of a Tech Podcasting group be.

I am still devoted to provide great commentry and analysis about new an upcoming technologies and hence will be starting a new project in the near future. Stay tuned on this blog to hear more about it.

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