Mumbai.. 26th Nov 08..

It’s really sad that I can blog again about another devastating incident in my beloved city of Mumbai.. The last was when the trains were attacked..

While I still want to say what I said last time, I think this track from A.R. Rahman’s from Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, I heard today, sums it up just nicely…

The word “Zikr“,  is supposed to mean the though/rememberance/memory of Allah. But you can think about anything else that incites such devotion/passion/love in you..

Ahl-e-talab aja tum ko bulai ahed Allah
Zikr se budh ke nahin hai amal koiee hai farman-e-rasool Allah
Neejaat milti hai unko yaqeenan karein jo qalb se Zikr Allah
Zikr se sur kat-ta hai Nafs ka beshaq Zikr hai saif-ullah

Zikr aman hai Zikr hai fatah Zikr shifa hai Zikr hai dawa
Zikr is Peace…Zikr is Victory…Zikr is Healing…Zikr is the Medicine

Har gul mein har rooh mein, har shey mein noor-ullah
In every flower… in every soul….in every creation is the Light of Allah
Har dil mein har pal mein reh Zikr-e-illallah
May Allah’s Zikr stay in every single heart and in every single moment

Zikr hai behtar nafrat se; Zikr hai behtar ghaflat se
Zikr is better than hatred…Zikr is better than making mistakes..
Zikr hai behtar hujat se; Zikr hai behtar gheevat se
Zikr is better than arguments…Zikr is better than backstabbing

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