Indulging the glutton within..

Since Dad is in India, Mom and I decided that it was time to indulge the gluttons in us… So we had..

1. Lebanese Food at El Sheikh on Tuesday

I was inspired by the outing Rinaz et all went to, so we decided to go to El Sheikh.. We just had 3 starters (Hummus, Mossaka’ah, and Falafel) and we were almost full. And they had ran out of Baklava. So we decided to roam around looking for it.. Finally we found some at Alaturka. I had Baklava and mom had mint tea, which she thought was really good.

2. Home-made Pizza on Thursday

Home-made pizza just rocks. Especially when mom and I bake together.. So on Tuesday we decided to have Pizza for dinner..

Vegetable Pizza

Vegetable Pizza

Pine-nuts and Olives Pizza

Pine-nuts and Olives Pizza

We made a couple with loads of vegetables, and one with just pine-nuts and olives… as I like it.. But I forgot to put parmiggianoon on it.. :( ..

3.  Durians on Friday.

Since it’s Durian season, we decided to eat Durians on Friday. I joined mom after work to eat Durians at at the shops near Aljunied MRT. Now, I am no Durian expert. I don’t understand anything in Durians.. When the guy showed me the split durian to check if it was OK, I just said yes and started gorging it down.. Hahahaha.. Who cares about the subtle differences, they all taste nice.. :)

4. Pasta on Saturday.

So what do you do when you have left over pizza toppings?? Why? Make pasta sauce out them of course!  That’s what we did. Mom made a nice hearty vegetable Pasta sauce on Saturday, while I was roaming around NDP taking photos.. There’s something you can’t beat in a simple tomato-vegetable pasta topped with parmiggiano..

5. Tacos on Sunday.

We found some Taco shells while shopping groceries last week, and we decided to make Tacos for dinner on Sunday. Vegetarian of course.. I made fresh salsa, and mom made beans.. It was kinda burrito+taco+nachos mix thing we had.. Wasn’t anywhere near authentic.. but tasted damn good.. :)

Chip of the old block they say.. I am sure you can guess where my love of cooking and eating different types of food came from..


5 comments so far

  1. Tianhong on

    Thanks dude…. u’re making me jealous, envy and hungry

  2. Mintea on

    Reading this when I have not had lunch, is not a good idea.

  3. rinaz on


  4. malique on

    good boy!!

  5. Neo on

    the pizza look delicious! you are making me hungry

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