It will be a cold day in Singapore…

It will be a cold day in Hell Singapore before I will use Windows again…

Rant aside, I went to participate in The REAL Singapore Freeze on Saturday. The idea is simple, all the participants randomly gather at a given location, which is communicated 1h before the stipulated time. And the participants have to freeze on the spot, doing whatever they are doing at the stipulated time for 5 minutes. And then, exactly after 5minutes (timed with synced stopwatches), just walk away like nothing happened… Absolute freeze though… No eye movements, no smiling, to blinking, and no breathing… OK I kid about the last two.

I liked the idea for it’s freshness and it’s tongue in cheek artistic sense. I mean after all it is a kind of performance art, but something different. There is something inanely artistic about freezing in a certain posture. It’s akin to a photograph, where a certain moment is captured in history.. OK enough of artsy stuff..

So finally, we were to freeze outside Ngee Ann City, at 430pm on Saturday. Freeze you say?? At that time, at that temperature, it was more of a Singapore Melt! But in the spirit of the event, we went ahead and melted there for 5 minutes.. It was fun, but being the extreme extroverts that Singaporean are, we only got a couple of stares and mostly murmur of the “crazy lah these people.. who ask them do this kind of stupid things… sure gonna kena mata already” type.

Overall, I thought it was well organized by Mission:Singapore, although the place and the time should have been considered. The place had another event happening, so the effect of “a whole square being frozen in time” didn’t come through, as we couldn’t even see other “freezers” (term copyrighted by hisham). Also, it was too early and too hot to do these things under the sun. I mean yes, we have had our bit of sun during PE lessons back in school, but that was enough wasn’t it??

Here are some videos of the event. The 3rd one covered our area.. :p

P.S. If you like this.. They have another event coming up.. Read more about it here


5 comments so far

  1. Shayan on

    Hi, didn’t know we have such events in Singapore also.. looks interesting, who knows if I found some free time, I may attend the next event..

  2. Vincent on

    Sounds fun about the freezing part. People should really learn to let their hair down a little – once we get to the point where the people will just laugh about it and enjoy the spectacle, rather than just fearing the ‘matas’, then Singapore will have progressed as a nation :)

    And yes, throw your windoze away. Penguin rocks!

  3. Sham on

    Slaughter the penguin!

  4. NTT on


    Thanks for dropping by. Yes, seems like Singapore is warming up these days (pun intended). Do come by for the next one, it’s a FingerGun Fight.. :p


    It is totally fun. I think Singapore is indeed progressing, bit by bit. Atleast the coverage of the event in the old media was not negetive this time around.. Penguinz FTW!!


    Wait a few years, we’ll see who slaughters whom.. :p

  5. nbnl on

    Very interesting event. Was pleasantly surprised when i found it out on Youtube. Bravo to the organisers :)

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