Stories for 65Bits episode 65.

This was published here because the Tech65 website was is down. These were the stories we covered during the live recording of episode 65 of 65Bits. The original post is here.

Class, this is your assignment for today. YOU have to read through all the stories below, and prepare for the discussion during tomorrow’s live recording. If you are unable to answer our questions tomorrow, you WILL BE made the the outstanding student (the student standing outside the class)…

We expect all students to be badly behaved, and participate in the discussions impolitely and rant about things… You will be graded on your performance.

1. April Fools Panks on the Interweb.


Engadget vs T-Mobile (Apparently not a joke. More on that tomorrow.)


Tauren Marine

Pinata Loot

Bard Class Hero in WoW’s “Whose pong is it anyway” game

iPhoneDev team

iPhone Dev Team quits.

2. Unlimited Tunes from Apple? Not So Fast

Rumors of a new music service appear to be just that

3. Vista Issues

Early adopter’s issues.

Nvidia driver issues.

4. Creative to sell company HQ for $180m

Creative will sell HQ building and rent it back to save $$

5. Creative Goes After Driver Modder

Creative stops distribution of home grown vista driver.

Driver author responds.

6. Eeee PC Updates: New models and SDK

New 9″ Eee PC wth touchscreen?

Eee PC SDK out soon.

7. Fari and Jerrick’s Experience at M$’s Xbox 360 Event.

Check out that Riff!!!

8. Byte of the Week : Adobe Photoshop Express

Photoshop on the Web!


For those who missed the other posts, the details of the live recording are follows.

65th Episode of 65Bits Podcast.

Date: Saturday, April 5, 2008

Time: 10:00am – 12:00pm

Location: Geek Terminal

Street: 55, Market Street (Near Raffles Place MRT, opp. Golden Shoe Complex)

City/Town: Singapore, Singapore.

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  1. […] reached their first milestone in history: the 65th podcast. You can check out their shownotes from NTT’s site. Check out their ustream webcast which is live now from Geek Terminal. We have a long group of tech […]

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