Fools and their gold #2

OK. So this year AGAIN, I pulled a lame April Fool’s prank. And I am proud to say, I fooled 1 person again.. Fortunately, not the same one as last year… Ah hah!!…

Google’s prank this year was kinda lame too, with their Virgile Mars program.

Blizzard rocked!! With new units like Tauren Marines, Bards in WoW which make people play guitar hero, and  Piñata‘s in Diablo2. had an amazing “prank”. The “Whose ping is it” game.. Simple and yet addictive. And the pingsters made it into a competition.. Now these guys really have loads of free time. Their respective bosses should give them some extra work.. :p

And Systm.. did an amazing episode with April fools pranks. Mountain Dew as a light source!!.. Perpetual Light Machine?

So did you get fooled today?? 

2 comments so far

  1. Tianhong on

    well my prof also played a fool with me. he set the deadline to April 1 12:01 am. funny right? I DUN think so

  2. NTT on

    @Tianhong.. Relax la… It’s only deadline in school.. *haiz kids these days..* :p

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