The Indian Adventure..

Going to India is always a bitter-sweet struggle for me.. While I love the place for some reasons, other things get on my nerves. But I always manage to get caught in an “Adventure” every time I am there.. With crazy car rides, weird cops, scary weather, riots, closures.. you name it, you can get it there.. And every time, there is a guarantee that your adrenaline will get pumping by the time it’s over.

And hence I prefer to go on short vacations, too much adrenaline has never been good for anyone. And then also, by the time it starts getting on my nerves I am out of there…

But I have managed to come up with a list of “Must Do” things for each of my trips to India, and specifically to Pune.

So here is the checklist for my recent trip.

1. Have an Adventure – Check (Crazy neighbor quarreling about the fence. :S )
2. Eat great Marathi Food – Check (2 great meals, at my Aunts and Sis-in-Laws)
3. Eat great roadside Food – Check (On the way from Mumbai to Pune)
4. Drink Neera
5. Eat Paan – Check (Twice :D )
6. Shop for Clothes – Kinda Check (“Stole” from Bro.. :p)
7. Restock Music from Planet M – Check (Got around 20+ CDs/DVDs )
8. Hang out with cousins – Kinda Check (Only 1cousin was around :( )
9. Get a haircut – Check (Just made it on the last day..)
10. Go on a road trip – Kinda Check (Traveled from Mumbai to Pune in Bro’s Car )
11. Ride motorbikes – Check (Rode just a bit.. but was fun… :) )
12. Attend a concert – Check (Though had to rush off halfway through it )
13. Climb the Tekdi (hill) –

So I managed to get almost of my points.. except Neera.. Damn I crave for it now.. oh and the Tekdi.. :)

Anyway.. here are some pictures I took on the way from Mumbai to Pune..



The Road…



The vehicles…


The roadside food… Wada Pav :)


6 comments so far

  1. Mintea on

    The food looks very good. Mmmm.. making me crave for Indian food now.

  2. Joycie on

    Hehehe.. Lookie lookie what I found? A India tour guide! If I visit India, be sure to bring me around!

  3. NTT on


    Yup.. really delicious.. But you can’t get this food in Singapore.. It’s specific to that region of India.. :)


    Hahhaa.. Sure.. Not that I have travelled much in India myself.. But that also mean’s I’d love to do that.. hahahah..

  4. Neo on

    I went to India last December. A great place to visit despite the road infrastructure is still at the “developing” stage. I would certainly want to go India again.

  5. Ruth on

    Let’s plan a trip there…few years down the road.:| hmmm…

  6. NTT on


    Hahah.. sure.. We’ll do that.. :)

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