My great Italian escapade… in Singapore

This title really warrants my 10days bag-packing adventure in Italy, but for now I shall talk about my recent indulgence in really great Italian food here in Singapore…

I have always loved Italian food, and for that matter, the Italian culture, there is something very homely about it.. and somehow I draw a lot of parallels between Italian culture and Indian culture.. esp when it comes to food..

During the past week I ended up (not by design) eating at 3 great Italian places.. so here they are…

1. Pizza Da Donato
Since cartcart was here, we decided to have a Pingster’s mini-gathering, with the agenda of checking with cartcart how authentic the Pizza was..

You can check Daphne’s post for the details.. but here are my thoughts about the food..

The Pizza is awesome.. at $7 per slice, it’s on the expensive side, but is worth it.
Try not to have the very freshly baked slice, as it tends to “sweat” and get soggy.
Do try their unusual flavors like those with Ricotta, eggplant, Feta.
The Calzone, looks great, but is pretty bland.

Pizza Da Donato is at 8 Sixth Avenue, Singapore 276473

2. Ricciotti

After our recording on Saturday, Jerrick and I decided to look for this Italian restaurant for lunch, which his friend has recommended. We were stupid enough to start walking before checking the map, and we got lost… Finally with the help of a small map posted on a lamp post, and Google Maps on Jerrick’s phone and a bit of luck, we managed to find the place, Ricciotti by Garibaldi

It’s quite a classy place.. And we were hoping they have a Set Lunch which would be cheap enough.. Well they did have a Set Lunch, but it was no where near cheap. For ~S$27, we had a main course, a dessert and a choice of tea/coffee..


I had a Parmagiana and Tiramisu with Coffee, while Jerrick went with the Spaghetti Bologniese and some Choclate Cake with Tea.


The Parmagiana was absolutely delicious. The Eggplants were well done. A tad too tough though, but better than overdone, when you can’t differentiate between eggplant and the sauce. The sauce was nice and rich. And the Parmegianno was real..


Jerrick was really happy with his Spaghetti as well. He reckoned the pasta was “homemade”, as in, made freshly using a pasta maker rather than bought from the supermarket.


The desserts were good, but lackluster in comparison to the main courses. The coffee of course was too long…

Ricciotti is at 3 Pickering Street #01-36/37, Nankin Row, China Square Central, Singapore 048660

3. Finalmente Gastronomia

After tstar’s post about this place, the pingsters decided to raid it. And did we raid it or what!!.. Again.. I am sure Daphne’s and Claudia’s posts did better justice to the place… but here are my thoughts about the food.

The Pizza’s are great. I would say even better than Da Donato. Maybe because they are fresh here.. My favorites were the 5 Cheese, and the Bosco (eggplant, mushroom, white-truffle oil).. The bases were nice and thin, the toppings were fresh and generous.

The 5 Cheese pizza, had a delicious helping of various cheeses which you could taste. If you like strong cheese, you will love this pizza.

For the Bosco, the white-truffle oil added an interesting dimension to it..

The place is simple but feels very Italian, though somehow lacks the charm that’s present in Da Donato’s. Oh and it’s in the middle of nowhere, and you have to take a bus to go there.. Though, it’s right behind a bus-stop… But well, who cares.. it does have the best Pizza’s I have had in Singapore.. And I am going there again…. to try their desserts.. and Anti-pasti… and ofcourse more Pizza!!!

Finalmente Gastronomia is at 443 MacPherson Road, Singapore 368154

P.S. Thanks Jerrick, Daph and Claudia for the photos…


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  1. rinaz on

    I want pizza!

  2. shianux on

    I’ve realised that you had stolen those pizza photos from my website. Please remove them from your blog. Thanks

  3. NTT on


    I appologise. I had got the links from my friend’s blog, as you can see from the links. Please let me know which photos are yours and I will remove them.

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