Is it another bubble??

.. the question which is on everyone’s mind these days…

I liked Denise Howell’s take on it..

“Forget about things like the fact Google’s at $741 and Apple’s at $191. Were you to try to rent a car at San Jose Airport tomorrow (Wednesday), you would discover that every single vehicle — from every single carrier — is spoken for.” 

And of course who can not resist Billy Joel??

In my defense, they told me to blog about it..


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  1. geekycoder on

    I believe there’s won’t be a bubble as long as there are just a few major leading players with track record generating real revenue and people is using their product and perceive them to be innovator. In other words, as long as there are only a few established leaders in the market leading and continue to innovate, there will never be a bubble no matter how high their stock is.

    Why web 1.o dotcom bubble ? Because there is no single leader then since the whole web 1.0 is very new and recognised as the new economy and hyped to believe that everyone is a leader and therefore money is been dumped in companies with no track record. Moreover, at that time, investors and people were less well-informed of what happening. This is in contrast with Web 2.0 where the blogosphere is a important source of information to disperse rumours, follies, irrational action etc…

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