The Raghu Dixit Project.

Update : Here are some photos from the gig.. Thanks to Shyam Mani..

Esplanade always has a flurry of concerts all throughout the year, and suprisingly many of them are free. Now which part of the deal is not to like? Free.. Great Music.. Amazing Place..I tend to attend many of the free concerts at Esplanade, and last Sunday on the 17th I attended a concert by The Raghu Dixit Project. It was a part of Kalaa Ustsavam, but the desciption of the group got me interested.

“The Raghu Dixit Project, a six-member band from India, plays a seamless amalgamation of Indian ethnic music, Indian classical music, Sufi music, and other sounds from around the world.”

Fusion… hehehehe..

So I went there armed with my H4 again.. and here is what I heard..



I loved the sound of the band. Very unique combination of folk, traditional Indian sounds with drums, base, and great vocals.. The violin-guitar duet (Jithin’s First Flight) was the most amazing track of the lot, with great solo pieces by both artists.

The H4 peaked most of the time, and I should have really reduced the sensitivity, but I forgot. Hence the 2nd track distorts all over and I had to cut it.. Ooops..

But it was a great evening.. Esplanade… Lovely sounds.. and a great recording.. :)

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  1. rinaz on

    Sounds great NTT. You should totally go to all of these concerts and record them all and then put it up on your blog (so that lazy people like me dont need to go all the way to the esplanade to listen to good music like this)


  2. NTT on

    Thanks rinaz..

    Hahaha.. I love to do these recordings.. Its so much fun to archive all these experiences.. :P

  3. Dinesh on

    you can catch his music at

    He is also in myspace. You can also listen there.


    • Finch on

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  4. Bharat on


    I am in India and yesterday I saw the interview of Raghu Dixit on MTV. Then going on the google I searched for places for Raghu Dixit and had this wonderful discovery of your blog. I enjoyed the tracks. It is a great combination, truly beautiful music and esplanade. Singapore is unique and Esplanade is unique amongst unique. Your blog will now be a habit to me, since I can listen to great music recorded by you.

    • Cayden on

      A piece of ertdouiin unlike any other!

  5. NTT on


    I think you were mistaken. Dinesh was just commenting on my post, I (NTT) own this blog. :)

    Anyway, I am glad you enjoyed the recordings. It was indeed great to attend the concert and listen to such good music as well as to capture it and let others enjoy it.

    You might want to listen to other recording I have like those from WOMAD (world music) on my blog.


  6. Bharat on


    I am indeed sorry to address you as Dinesh. Excuse me. The music you’ve recorded is amazing. I am highly impressed. Thanks for inviting me to listen to more music on your blog. So kind of you.


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