The xkcd saga…

This is my latest addiction on the Internet.. xkcd..

It’s one of the geekiest web-comic around.. touching stuff from programming, to mathematics, geek community, love and life.. and a great attitude. And what wins me, is the ability of the author to make obscure references to seemingly unrelated things.. and still make it funny…

But the latest set of comics, 1337, has to be the best comics strip mini-series in my reading… It has references to the some of the greatest geeks and hackers around.. as well as some of the most controversial issues in technology.. plus the attitude..

Here they are.. in sequence.. including one more, which seems like a pre-lude to the 1337 series… (Hint: The name of the son…)

Her daughter is named Help I'm trapped in a driver's license factory.

Exploits of a Mom.

If you're not cool enough to do it manually, you can look up tools like Upside-Down-Ternet for playing games with people on your wifi.

1337 Part 1.

Elaine is actually her middle name.

1337 Part 2.

O(n lg(lg n)))… hehehe

I once asked an NSA guy whether they'd broken RSA. And I know I can trust him, because I asked if he was lying to me and he said no.

1337 Part 3.


Mrs. Roberts would have gotten up sooner, of course, but she was busy piping find ~ and find ~nomad into xargs shred, just in case.

1337 Part 4.

(Stallman FTW!!!!)

This digital music thing will probably reach its endgame sometime in the next decade or so. These are very exciting times.

1337 Part 5.

Tag Clouds.. :p

6 comments so far

  1. DK on

    Robert’); DROP TABLE Student; — ???

    Wahahahaha… good one!

  2. […] Read the rest of this great post here […]

  3. NTT on

    @dk. Hahahha.. yup!. U never see uzyn’s slides from SGPHPUG? He used this clip…

  4. DK on

    Haven’t got the time to read. Will check it out soon. :)

  5. rinaz on

    I dont get it

  6. NTT on


    Err.. it’s kinda geeky. And if I explain it.. (like someone :p) i’ll kill it…

    But it has a lot of obscure reference to people and things associated with the computer sciences and hacking.. and geeks.. hehehehe.. ;)

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