A reason for the silence…

Bored of seeing the same post on the top of this blog every time you come to check?? So am I… (Although, you should be using feed readers…)

Anyway, so I am in a nice little fix here..

The nature of my job doesn’t allow me to blog too much about it… That is if I want to keep it.. Which I do… So there goes a huge source of blogging content…

Most of my friends are either bloggers, or have completely no internet life. And hence, posts about eventsĀ IĀ attend are either posted before I even get to reach home.. or well.. nobody cares if I blogged about certain events…

All my thoughts and ideas about technology are presented on 65Bits.. or other Tech65 content… and it’s really lame to repeat there in a blog post.. So there goes another huge part of my blogging content..

I am also very busy these days with Tech65 and other projects…. And hence to time to bicker about the smallest things in life… not to mention no time to feel all emo and sad…

Adding the convenience of twitter to this, with the ability to quickly publish single sentence thoughts, doesn’t help at all…

So all in all.. the only thing I am finding this blog useful for is publishing clips of my recordings… that is until I find a Creative Commons site to upload whole audio tracks..

Really… I should close down my blog…. I am just too damn lazy…

2 comments so far

  1. DK on

    Well… if you go out with the german babes more often, I’m sure you’ll get more contents to blog. :P

  2. NTT on

    @dk… Err.. that one cannot blog lah.. ;)

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