Unboxing the Zoom H4!!

Behold my newest Toy!!!!

This is the Zoom H4. It’s a portable stereo audio recorder.

I had ordered it for almost a month, and it arrived last week. Took me 3 days before I could un-box it. So here is goes.

Zoom H4 Handy Recorder.

Records 24-bit/96 kHz digital audio as well as MP3 format with bitrates up to 320kbps
Two studio quality X/Y pattern condenser microphones for true stereo recording
Two combination XLR-1/4-inch input jacks with phantom power
Onboard studio effects compression, limiting and mic modeling
USB mass-storage interface and SD card storage
Four hours of continuous recording operation from 2 AA batteries
4-track audio in CD quality 16-bit PCM, 44.1 kHz sampling
Built in guitar amp modeling
Records directly to your computer as a USB audio interface
Bundled with Cubase LE, 48-Track Digital Audio Workstation software

Here are the unboxing photos!!

13 comments so far

  1. DK on

    This is one cool device. The sound quality was great.

  2. NTT on


    Yea.. you sounded wonderful on it. Too bad I had to delete it.. Hahahahaha

  3. malique on

    looks good. can this be a replacement to ‘recording studio’ mic? i wanna make a remix to rinaz’s vespa espa song. :P

  4. NTT on


    Ofcourse the microphones are really good quality.

    But might be over the top, unless you are looking for almost production quality..

    If you want, we can try it once.. :P

  5. malique on

    what was the damage man?

  6. NTT on


    Hehehe… It’s pretty damaging.. I got it for S$400. And that was a good deal. It can go at around ~$550 otherwise.

  7. malique on


  8. NTT on

    OK lah.. For the features and quality, it’s a good deal. Other in the same league can cost in thousands..

    For eg. This one from Sony

  9. malique on

    why do their mics look weird like some tazer

  10. NTT on

    OK you are like the 20th person who asked me that..

    This explaination deserves a blog post.. As soon as I get some time.. and my hands on that book..

  11. malique on

    im really interested to get one (im gonna do an underground podcast show called 64bits)
    any CHEAPER alternative u would recommend?
    or should i start with a stupid $8 pc mic? :P

  12. NTT on

    If you want to start an underground show called 64bits then you should use the builtin mics on ur laptop.

    Crap aside.. Actually there is absolutely no need for such a device. The quality gained is lost in compression into mp3 anyway.

    I would say the only benefit of the H4 for podcasts is the stereo seperation that can be acheived, and I find it useful when recording a group of people. As, in such a case, listerners can create mental ideas of which speaker sitting where.. and thus have more comprehension of the conversation.

    I bought the H4 not for podcasting only, but for some other projects as well. So it will serve multiple purposes for me.

    Why don’t you come down to one of ur recordings and we can talk about this?

  13. […] saw the a camera being set up for the live video stream, NTT’s awesome H4 audio recorder and everyone else ready with their laptops maximizing the internet connection at Geek Terminal as […]

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