iPhone Mania

On Tuesday, I got to play with the iPhone. Thanks to Paddy from Bak2u!!

My  impression of the iPhone has been a rollercoaster.

Finally when I saw it on Tuesday, I was completely excited. It was smaller and thinner than I expected. And most importantly, it worked just fine!  I tried surfing CNN, ping.sg and my own blog. I even left a comment on my own blog!! Hahahaah

All the sites looked really sweet. The text was crisp clear and navigating was a breeze. Though,  long pages tended to be annoying to scroll through. The map feature seems really promising and the keyboard did not give any problems.

I was not too impressed by the cover flow and the photo gallery, where you can do your mondo-cool finger acrobatics to show it off.

I was unable to testing calling and sms, though, I cant see how iPhone can do either of these things better or worse than any other phones out there.

Then my colleague asked me today, if I had converted after finally touching the iPhone. Well, NO. Finally, I still feel that, from a utilitarian perspective, I see no use for most of the things it can do. On the other hand, all these effects and cool graphics are actually killing my battery. The price is also a killer. It’s just too expensive for something that really is a Jack of All the trades. Even as a “Wide Screen iPod” it has not enough memory for my purpose.

So all in all, iPhone, still not my type of gadget


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  1. Daniel on

    To be really frank, I’m with you on this one…

  2. rinaz on

    Quite pricey, and I think I still prefer a physical touchpad. I think I’ll stick to Nokia, cos its got the human touch and all :P

  3. sweska on

    whoa… i wanan try out iPhone also… lucky paddy :P :P

  4. nay min thu on

    Apple is the master guru of creating marketing hype.

    For hardcore techies, iPhone may not be the best phone. But for those who go for style and sleek, I guess Apple has done a great job.


  5. Farinelli on

    I’m usually an aesthetics person, but I agree with you. And Dan. lol…

  6. NTT on


    Hehehe.. Maybe we can talk abt this in the next show..


    Agreed. Tactile feed back is really impt for me. There is no way anyone can touch type on the iPhone.


    Go find Paddy, he’s gonna have another meetup for pingsters to play with the iPhone


    Agreed. It’s like what Motorola RAZRs and all used to be. All style no substance… but iPhone loooks better…


    Et tu brute?

  7. mole on

    I agree with you on this. I think Apple just makes junk fashion statements instead of empowering our world with technological improvements. Just like the iPod. I used to have the shuffle, and the only reason I have it was cos I got it free. Its so troublesome having to install itunes – which is an equally sucky program – just for it.

  8. NTT on


    I think Apple does have a lot of really great technology, and “user friendliness”.

    But, I do agree that either of these things do not warrent the hype that Apple commands. Oh well, we can’t do much.

    As for iTunes, I hate it cos it ‘takes over’ my PC, and doesn’t give me much of a choice for not letting that happen..

  9. Farinelli on

    Is it? How so? I love iTunes as a music library archiver, not as a regular open-file-and-listen player. That one I leave to my trusty WMP.

    Hello moley moley… spreading some Apple love eh? -.-“

  10. NTT on

    Err… It basically wants to play all the media files. And if I set something else to be the default player, iTunes will change it back to itself.

    Anyway, I always liked Winamp.. WMP11 looks nice, but hogs memory. VLC rules for ” open-file-and-listen player”, esp since it supports every freaking audio and video format around.

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