Pizza Pizza!!!

After lots of experimentation, I have perfected (in my opinion) my favourite pizza.

I must say that it is inspired by one on the menu of Spizza.

So here it is..

This is Elisa alla ntt

And here is the receipe.

  • Thin (Italian) Base
  • Simple Tomato sauce (Tomato, Onion, Garlic, Herbs)
  • Pitted Black Olives
  • Seeds (Pine Nuts, Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds)
  • Parmigiano Reggiano (Don’t you dare substitute this)
  • Herbs and Extra-Virgin Olive Oil as garnish…

Nice crispy bake… and tis done!!!


21 comments so far

  1. nicole85 on

    that certainly looked good… :P

  2. rinaz on

    But the most important question is, how does it taste?!?!

  3. NTT on


    Yea it looked better than the photo.. My cooking skills are surely better than my photography and photoshopping skills..


    Err.. how to describe that one?? I make.. so ofcourse taste nice to me mah!!.. :p

  4. DK on

    Strange…. it seems like the guys in cooks better than the gals. We got Arzhou that bakes and now NTT that make pizza.

    Where are the gals? :P

  5. NTT on


    That’s true generally what! Guys are better cooks than girls!! *Flame Bait!!!!*

    Hahah.. No lah.. I guess the two of us are just very vocal about our culinary adventures..

  6. malique on

    *to the tune of rihanna’s umbrella*
    piza elisa, eh eh eh

  7. malique on

    anyways man..this pizza is that Joey of Friends would it. Simple tomato base herbs cheese pizza!

  8. malique on

    ok im talking crap. i meant “is what Joey of Friends would like”

  9. NTT on


    Hmm.. Never caught much of that series.. But yea.. simple pizzas are nice.. Esp Italian ones. The American kinds are all about the cheese.. :(

  10. Luciano on

    As 100% italian (guaranteed) i hereby certify that the photo above is really a Pizza.

  11. arzhou (adrian) on

    NTT: make CLAM pizza, i love that.

  12. NTT on


    Thanks You, my Italian autheticity endorser. I must say though, that I din follow ur receipe exactly. I did not use 100g of live yeast per 1 KG flour. Hahahhaha


    Clam eh?? I generally make vegeterian stuff. Then more ppl can eat.. :p Maybe next time..

  13. SuRfsLaYeR on

    cool!! it looked edible!! (^_^)

  14. incywincy on

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeee olives!!!

    …. i dun like.

    hahahaa… do you know how to make other pizzas? i like hawaiian.. i like pepperoni.

  15. NTT on


    yea.. it was delicious.. :)


    you don’t like olives?? Haiz..

    I generally prefer Italian pizzas. So, Hawaiian is not really something I’d do… But pepperoni is good.. :)

  16. nicole85 on

    who say girls cannot cook? -.- i cook but just that i dun publicise so vocally… haha anyone fancies a seafood udon? :P made with home-cook soup base as well as chokeful of seafood !

  17. malique on

    imho, hawaiian is a disgrace to italians.

  18. NTT on


    ofcourse lah. I jk only lah.. Seafood.. erm.. I’ll pass.. :$


    I totally agree. But I din wanna say that cos daph would have blasted me.. Hahahaha

  19. incywincy on

    wallao… i like pineapples a lot ok. it doesnt really matter to me lah, if hawaiian is blasphemy in the world of italian pizzas.

    hahaha. i like pineapples and that’s all that matters? lol.

    i like lots of mushrooms too :)

  20. NTT on

    Oh o!!

    Pineapples are nice. I love them too.. Just not over pizza.

    Mushrooms are great. Too bad, its difficult to get good fresh mushrooms here, but mushrooms I mean something other than Shitake and Button…

  21. NTT on


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