Podcast Dreams..

Knowing how much I blabber, it will not be a surprise to many that I am dabbling into podcasting.

I always wanted to do one, since I got hooked to podcasts last year. But, as usual, I lacked time and a group of enthusiasts to do it. (hint hint..).

Thanks to a chance Google search and my new “Do it now” initiative, I am a semi-regular host at 65bits. It’s a podcast by tech65, about technology with a Singaporean perspective.

So… if you wanna hear my stunning sexilicious (as per rinaz and sweska.. see comments below) voice .. Ermm.. OK ner mind… forget I said that..

Whatever it is, do give it a listen and subscribe to 65bits feed or on itunes.

Here is our recent episode which is NOT about iPhone..

I kid.. I kid..

(Hint: Press the gray triangle to play… Shh.. dun tell anyone else..)

4 comments so far

  1. rinaz on

    Ohhh .. what a most sexilicious voice … :D

    Oh, and about the ipod, I found this post really informative and funny and interesting.

  2. NTT on


    Please lah, dun say until like that… I shy.. :$

    Anyway, that’s a really hilarious article.. And I do agree that iPhone was over hyped..

  3. sweska on

    it’s like… it’s like … it’s like… :P
    damn, i need lapiska to listen to the sexilicious voice!!

  4. NTT on


    Thank GOD!!

    Haha.. Anyway do listen to my sexilicious (“stuttering”) voice when lapiska is revived..

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