Two weekends with speechcraft…

Speechcraft: “Speechcraft is a special program to develop your public speaking abilities. Experienced speakers and communicators present the basics of public speaking in a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere.”

I had volunteered to help out in the two sessions of Speechcraft organised by the NUS Toastmasters. Despite being in Toastmasters for 4 years I really suck at it (Easily attributable to my laziness to do projects..), hence I was just helping in facilitating the workshop.

There were two session of speechcraft organised by NUSTM on 12th and 26th of May. The idea was to get some recognition within the NUS community and at the same time help fellow NUS students to start on honing their public speaking skills.

The workshops were aimed at beginners, and thus addressed basic skills like stage fright, nervousness and organisation of your speech. Some of the senior members of NUSTM were the trainers for the workshop, including Weike Tay and Eric Feng.

While whole day workshops are tiring, I was very satisfied with what I gained form it. I am not sure how much I helped them, but they surely taught me a couple of things. It’s almost ironical but true is most cases. We go in with the expectation of teaching/training people, but end up learning a few lessons ourselves….

Well such is life… Beautiful. :D


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  1. DK on

    So next village talk you will be speaking? :D

  2. NTT on

    @DK Speak abt what?? I got no passion one.. :(

  3. Speechcraft is a great way to hone your public speaking skills. I am in the process of conducting a Corporate Speechcraft course in Adealide Australia, and as per usual, I am getting heaps out of it.



  4. NTT on


    Hi. Thanks for dropping by. Speechcraft and Toastmasters really do teach us a lot of great things. And more specifically, show us that there is infinite amount of stuff to learn…

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