NTT’s Bored Weekend #1

The weekend’s just started and I am already bored. I have tons of work to do… “work work” as well as “play work” but I am gonna be lazy…

Soldering and Toys!!!

I went to help a friend solder his guitar amp jack all the way to clementi in the morning.. I had to make a trip down to SLT to stock up on supplies. Got some “Stannol lötfett”. It’s the best flux (solder paste) I have used. Others are mostly crappy and smell really bad..

After fixing my friend guitar, he showed me the lastest set of ‘toys’ he bought for his lab!!

He had a really cool guitar interface which had digital effects for many amps and speakers. And it sounded awesome on his moniters!! I totally forgot the name…

Then he showed his Hercules DJ Console. That’s really cool stuff. OK. It’s not anywhere near as cool as the stuff professional DJs use, but you can spin some good stuff off it at home.. or in my friend’s lab!

Then he took out an AKG C1000S. Just the case looks soo cool!. I wonder what kind of amps he has for that.

Finally he showed me his new M-Audio Axiom 25. Reminded my of the Kaoss Pad and M-Audio that EML used during their concert..

Oh and he mentioned the motorized 8 channel Digi-Design mixer that has in the lab!!!

I was almost drooling.. I really should have taken up the job when I was offered it.. Sigh…

NTUC and Linux.

How do you know the Linux has reached the masses? When you can see it in NTUC!

Saw of the the “product promo” screens in NTUC booting into Linux! It was soo cool. I must have looked like an idiot staring at the booting screen.  I should have had a camera. :(

I have seen this at the Pacific Coffee Company as well. I guess it makes sense to use some kind of embedded Linux for such devices. But I really wonder why they set the display to be active during boot up. In my opinion, it looks unprofessional.

Singapore Tech Podcasts.

Recently, I found this tech podcast done by a couple of Singaporean guys. It’s called 65bits. Do check it out.

It has small episodes (10-20mins) and 2 guys chatting about technology wrt. Singapore. I have been catching up on the last few episodes, and I am liking it..

Now to start brain storming for ideas…

Nintendo Wii in Singapore

Wii are here!! This is very very surprising. I did not hear or see ANY advertisements, but the Nintendo Wii has been “Soft launched” in Singapore. The “Official Launch” is in October so they say.

G3 at Suntec is selling it at $800 bundled with an extra wiimote+nunchuk and 3 games (wii sports + ultimate alliance + your choice). S$800 is expensive. Cannot lah! The Wii is supposed to be cheap, and a fun console. Sigh.. I will wait…

Suntec for Lunch…  

What’s good at Suntec for lunch?? We could not find anything. Either too expensive or too crappy.. :(

4 comments so far

  1. GENIE on

    whoa! yr wkend reali does sound quite.. err… mm.. try harder next weekend! hee..

  2. hendribudi on

    But I really wonder why they set the display to be active during boot up.

    Hahah, maybe to attract geeks like us! :P

  3. NTT on

    @Genie. Hey! Thanks for dropping by!

    My weekend was quite fun actually.. I guess I was just bored when I typed the title..

    @hendri. Haha… Multiple level of advertisements?? :p

  4. Daniel (65 Bits) on

    Thanks for listening to our show! We’re always at suntec, so if you wanna find a cool place to eat, we could help! :P

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