Internet and Celebrities.

I noticed during my conversation with pingsters during the meetup #3, that I ‘name dropped’ quite a few famous people on the internet, like Leo Laporte, Kevin Rose… (Yes, yes I was trying to act geeky…. )

Forbes magazine ran an article where they named the top 25 “Web Celebs”. They voted Lonelygirl15 (Youtube fame) as the top Web Celeb.

My colleague was telling me that he was watching some TV show on one of the educational channels where they counted down the most famous internet personalities. I believe The Ninja from Ask-A-Ninja was one of the top few.

Isn’t it interesting that these people, who are just tech enthusiasts doing the stuff they like, are becoming celebrities overnight. And I am very sure that their celebrity status is no lesser than that of Hollywood stars. OK. Agreed that they might not have as much following, but still they have fans, crazy ones.

What’s really great is that Internet being still a young and small arena, many of these people are surprisingly accessible. I emailed Darren Kitchen from HAK5 last week about the headphone he was using, and he replied the next day. To him, it was just another dude/fan asking him a simple question, but for me it was the guy who I see on TV every month, and he just replied to my email! Maybe it’s me, but I feel that it’s a big thing.

With the internet, for people who do TV, or Musicians and artists, their audience has become suddenly more accessible. Not everyone of them takes advantage of this channel, but I have been surprised, when the some of my favorite artists commented on my blog. I guess it was just an “vanity search” for them, but I was super excited. For me, these people are my Tom Cruise and Julia Roberts.

So what will you do if you see Partick Norton riding down the escalator at the mall, or Amber MacArthur in the next car?


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  1. marina on

    If lonelygirl15 or Zadi Diaz were sharing an elevator with me, I’d love to say hi and get a picture with her. But in real life, I’d probably be too shy.

    But the more important question is, when will *I* be famous :P

  2. NTT on

    @marina. You ARE famous!!! :p

  3. marina on

    Since when? No one on tv are banging on my door for an interview. No lux endorsements, nothing! :\

  4. Darren Kitchen on

    I was in the same boat as you when we first started Hak5. When we first had the opportunity to go up to Toronto for the TechTV / Podcast holiday meetup and subsequently guest on Call for Help it was a similar feeling. Meeting people like Leo, Amber, Sean, Andy, Matt, Mikey, etc was awesome. And they’re all totally chill. I don’t really consider the celebrity aspect as the fans are pretty much our geek peers though.

    Anyway ya caught me, I do Technorati searches on Hak5 after episode releases to get a feel for the reaction. Hope you liked the season finale this month.


  5. NTT on

    @marina. I think there is more to celebrities than just that.

    @Darren. WooooHooo!!! Darren Kitchen!! Thanks.. :D

    Loved the final episode, esp the sketches and the ending. Keep up the great work guys!

  6. Freddie Sirmans on

    Just browsing the internet. You have a very, very interesting blog. I’m sure I will visit again.

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