Europeans uncovered.. Part 3

The Italians.

Italians are noisy. Being noisy is their birth right, and they sure practice it.

The Italians also come in many flavours.
-The noisy
-The really really noisy
-The ‘reindeer’ Italians
-The monkeys
-The “I am so mad” Italians
-The shampoo models.

The Italians’ ability to make noise increases exponentially with the number of Itailians around, and the number of beers in each of them.

All Italians love Totti.. (Whoever that is.)

All Italians love Berlousconi.. (Whoever that is.)

All Italians can be classified as Facists or Communists. It’s Binary, you have to be either, there is no other option.

Italians love to Fart.

All Italians can differentiate between Parmeggiano and Grana Padano.

The body language of Italians conveys more information than the speech. They talk rubbish mostly anyway.

Italians make Pizza with 100g of live yeast per KG flour.

Its is forbidden for Italians to have short hair.

Italians do it better.. (So they say.)

The views written above are purely satrical, and are exagerations based on the authors personal experience in Europe with the various people. Please take it with a pinch of salt..


2 comments so far

  1. Luciano on

    As official Ambassador of Italy in Singapore I hereby confirm that all this NTT wrote (whoever he is…) is true.

  2. NTT on


    Some Fasso left this comment!!!.

    Thanks for dropping by and confirming this my friend… :)

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