Europeans Uncovered.. Part 2

The Spaniards

Spanish do not have red blood. Their blood is purple. It’s not blood but kalimotxo

Milk and Cookies is the official breakfast/lunch/dinner menu of Zaragosa Zaragoza.

Side ponytails are the latest fashion trend Spain.

A typical spanish day takes place as follows:
12pm. Wake up
1pm. Breakfasy (Milk and Cookies)
2pm. Siesta
3pm. Lunch (Spinach and Cream OR Milk and Cookies)
4pm-5pm. Wasting some time with other Spanish
6pm-7pm. Deciding where to go for party tonight.
8pm-9pm. More wasting away.
10pm. A quick hurried dinner. (Possibly, Milk and Cookies)
11pm-3/4am. Party!!
4/5am. Another round of Milk and Cookies (if sober enough to find the milk).
5am-12pm. Sleep.

The Spanish have a special ability of ‘Finding’ things.

Intrestingly, many other people, develope an ability of loosing things when the Spanish are around.

In Spain one cannot be sure if there is a “ban on the van”, or “van on the ban”.

All Spanish are consevationist. They conserve (reuse) cooking oil.

Spanish also come in many flavours.
-The geeks.
-The cool guys.
-The pretty lasses
-The “I’m igh” dude.
-The Ferranimals
-The rest…

The views written above are purely satrical, and are exagerations based on the authors personal experience in Europe with the various people. Please take it with a pinch of salt..


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