Europeans uncovered.. Part 1

The French.

There are two species of French.
-The Parisians
-The Rest

There is a mutual feeling of dislike between the two species.

There exist a certain number of cool Parisians and Rest.

All Parisians hate Tourists.

The typical country-boy from France can come in the following different favours.
-The sleepy head
-The hungover dude
-The “I feel stupid” guy
-The nature lover
-The “I study 1 hr per week” genious

The French love of wine and food is above anything else (…most of the time.. well ok.. sometimes.)

All French guys love to show off their behinds.

Special French food.
-Burnt Bread

The views written above are purely satrical, and are exagerations based on the authors personal experience in Europe with the various people. Please take it with a pinch of salt..


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