Jobs, Interviews and YOU!

It’s that time of the year again when semesters end and fresh graduates start looking for job.

There have been a couple of interesting posts about Jobs and Interviews on recently. Ridz talked about his experience of being an interviewer, and smallmoskito blogged about the Fresh Graduates and Reality Check. This post also has an interesting comment, which I find very to be very true.

There are indeed lots of people with degrees. I mean just in EE/CPE from NUS there are 500+ students from each batch. And probably a similar number from NTU. And most of them are well qualified and knowledgeable to take up any job in the field.

It is kind of scary when you realise that you have to compete against these 1000 of your batch-mates as well as many many seniors (who have experience), to get that same job.

What’s worst is when you see masters students, (I even saw my own tutor from NUS), applying for the same job as you. This is the kind of moment, when you give up all hope, because there is no way to compete against the person who taught you all the stuff you know in the specific field.

But, after my countless failed attempts at job applications (not even interviews), I believe I found a simple but useful approach to jobs and interviews.

When you apply for a job, along with the 1000+ other people, your resume and YOU have to be different from others. YOU should stand out. Now, standing out doesn’t just mean stating your almost perfect CAP in bold and caps on the front page of your resume, neither is it the mention of you being in the deans list or on the exclusive exchange program.

There can be 20 others who have the same CAP as you and 50 who were in the deans list, and a 100 who attended the same exchange program. So, these things don’t really make YOU.

What makes YOU are your interests, you knowledge, your passion, your understanding, your personality and most of all your readiness to learn and grow in your job.

You should try to show these skills of yours in your resume, instead of only stating your academic and pseudo-academic achievements.

Mention about your community service efforts, your passion for music, you interests in web technologies, your photoshoping abilities, your trip to help build a school in China.

Remember, the point is not to show that you are better than everyone else, but to show that you are different from the others, and that you will be able to do the job very well.

When it comes to Jobs and Interviews, another important point to take note of are communication skills. Though… I will leave it for another post…..


4 comments so far

  1. Mossie`Ol Chin on

    Well, that’s really a point taken. I believe that I actually got the phone call so quickly was really due to how I try to differentiate myself in the resume. However, guess that’s only 10% of the job done.

  2. NTT on

    Haha.. Ya, just try next time (hopefully, you wont need a next time…).

    Actually I forgot to mention about communication skills… I’ll add it in..

  3. SuRfsLayeR on

    i totally agree with your point! After all, life is not just about grades..But too bad, i think the majority still think that grades matter a lot.. =X

  4. NTT on

    True.. Grades matter if you let them matter. If you can ‘sell yourself’ with something other than your grades, then grades don’t matter anymore.

    And anyway, grades are the stupidiest indicator of knowledge, intelligence or interest.

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