What does NTT stand for??

OK. I am almost sick of people asking me this question.

Can’t a guy have a nick without having to explain its etymology??

For all those who absolutely need to know, here it goes.

Long long ago, in the southern province of China….

Erm.. sala… wrong story.)

Long long ago, when NTT was in secondary school, he used to be absolutely crazy about aircrafts. Especially military aircrafts. He knew all about them and could recognise most of them from any angle.

Thus, NTT started calling himself Tupolev, after the Russian aircraft manufacturer, who made aircrafts like such the TU-160…..

NTT really liked the TUs, and the fact that not many people knew about them.

In JC days, when NTT had to come up with a nick name to use in those quick CS games (in the computers at the back of the classrooms, during lunch breaks), he obviously chose “Tupolev“.

During Uni, when NTT organized orientation for his Juniors, there was a group of his friend who were playing pranks by writing “Not The” behind every thing they saw. Such as….

And soon using “Not The” before your nick-name became an ‘in’ thing among his friends.

Thus, NTT was born. So here you go…. NTT = Not The Tupolev….

Later, NTT also realised that “NTT” sounds like “entity”, which has some kind of zen feeling to it.

Now NTT is just plain old lazy to find a new nick, or use his real name (which is difficult to pronounce properly for most people).


7 comments so far

  1. Keropokman on

    i see i see
    thanks for the explanation… :-)

  2. marina on

    Oooh …

    I’ve always wanted to know the meaning of NTT. And now I know.


  3. Wong Renhao on

    Ohhh… I thought it meant ‘not that tipsy’.

    lol jk. i saw ‘not the tupolev’ before and i was just wondering what the tupolev was. nice plane there.

  4. NTT on

    Haha.. I know its a very lame etymology, but atleast my nick has evolved with me.. :P

  5. incywincy on

    now i know too!! i wanted to ask u leh. but thn i decided i’d jus google it. and i found this page. heehee!

  6. xizor2000 on

    Tupolev Tu-22, Tu-22M Backfire, Tu-144, Tu-160 Blackjack… :D

  7. Mohd Hisham on

    Can’t a guy have a nick without having to explain its etymology??

    No way! must explain! :)

    and thanks for this clarification! haha :)

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