Shifting’s a Bitch

I just shifted residence over the weekend, and it was a bitch.

I shouldn’t really be complaining since I realised that I had not planed at all for this move at all. I started packing the day before the movers were supposed to come down. BIG Mistake.

We packed the whole day and only managed to get like half the house done. Luckily the movers were nice enough to come later in the day. So we managed to pack most of the stuff by then.

In the hurry, I forgot to label all the boxes and now I don’t know what’s in what. This is really annoying. What’s worst is that many boxes don’t contain things related in any way. Just a random set of things which happened to fit. So now, opening each box is becoming like opening a present, you never know what’s going to inside.

I also forgot to pack all the daily requirements and basic stuff separately, and hence, I now I am missing quite a few of the important item, including my toiletries. Thus, NTT has not shaved for a few days and looks erm.. you get the picture. :(

Anyway, here are a few lessons I learned this time around. I hope I will be able to use them next time I have to shift.

1 ) Stop collecting useless old junk.

2 ) “Sentimental things” can be scanned can kept as soft copies to save space (Thanks to sweska for this tip :) )

3 ) Trash all unrequired item, and bad, broken, not-working stuff. You are never gonna have the time to repair it.

4 ) Plan the shifting well. (I am talking about pencil, paper and a schedule..)

5 ) Don’t rush the packing. (3-4 days is a good time frame)

6 ) Pack stuff that required immediately separately and label the box accordingly.

7 ) Pack all the food seperately and label that as well.

8 ) Label all the boxes properly.

9 ) Use boxes for everything, plastic bags are evil things.

10 ) Use trolleys and stuff with wheels to move things around. It’s easier..

4 comments so far

  1. DK on

    For a moment, I thought you are shifting a bitch. :P

  2. NTT on

    Why am I not surprised? …

  3. tstar on

    wah, u call can get it done in 1.5 days. that’s impressive! my family took more than a week, closer to a month.

  4. NTT on

    Hmm. I think my mom did quite a bit of prep. Also helps that we dun have much furniture and stuff.

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