Fools and their gold..

Happy April Fools!! Did you get fooled today?

With Internet based media becoming popular, especially with tons of user driven content being consumed on the web (read blogs), pranks are easy to play, and are popular. And what better day to play pranks other than April Fools?

I remember The Straits Times has had a prank article every year. I remember the ‘unmeltable ice-cream’ which I really wanted to try, and I just read about the ‘Y2K bug solution‘.

Google is another company who never fails to have April Fool’s pranks. They have two this year.

The Google TiSP. A wireless broadband solution which you have to flush.

And the Gmail Paper. Ad-based, paper version of Gmail.

But, I believe this year it was a little too obvious. You can checkout the whole list of pranks from Google for each year’s April Fool’s day. My favourite is the Pigeon Rank :D

I too had my own prank on my blog, albeit a little lame. But not many fell for it. :(

5 comments so far

  1. Ridzuan on

    Haha…it was a good attempt though…

    …considering someone just got hooked on twitter…no way are you going to stop this…haha

  2. DK on

    Can’t spot this yr prank on straits times leh. din really read the newspaper much though… :P

  3. NTT on


    Indeed.. If they can have twitter update using a local sms.. I’ll probably go bankrupt. :P


    I din buy the straits times yesterday. Lazy.. :)

  4. marina on

    Awww *pat pat pat*

    Try again next year :)

  5. NTT on

    I did manage to fool a grand total of 1 person…


    *Better run before I get whacked.. :P*

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