FoxTrot + Bored Geeks = Hilariousness

 Another classic from Foxtrot just got better, thanks to some geeks. :D



5 comments so far

  1. nay min thu on


    nice one.. that’s why, i love foxtrot..

    tks for sharing..


  2. Paddy Tan on

    Good one! Foxtrot is really good. :)


  3. NTT on

    Yup. FoxTrot rules! Too bad Bill Amend only publishes once per week now. :(

    Re-runs are still funny though. :D

  4. Geneticist on

    I found you via another link, I believe it was to the “Steve Don’t Eat It” collection. And, then was impressed.

  5. NTT on

    Hmm.. I wonder how I am linked to “Steve Don’t Eat It”. But anyway, thanks! Please leave your blog/website address, so I can link back. :)

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