iPhone Rip-Offs

They say that “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” and boy are they right.

Apple took the world by storm with their iPhone at this year’s MacWorld and it seems that the 3″ touch-screen based hand held devices became “the new black”. While I was expecting one or two hand held devices similar to the iPhone, as is the case for the iPods, I was surprised as the devices kept coming. Here is the list until now that I know off.

Nokia N800 Internet Tablet. Not exactly a Phone, but I like it for what it does.

LG KE850. Very similar as well, but looks ‘cheap’.

Meizu M8. Damn too similar to the iPhone. I hope they stay clear of the 200 patents.

Asus Aura Concept Phone. Not too similar, and its still a concept. :(

Samsung targets Ultra Smart F700. Sweet! I’ll take the slide-out qwerty keypad, anytime.

Have you seen more?


5 comments so far

  1. Harro! on

    Hey NTT, came late for the E27, stayed long enough to chat to a few people… It was good.

    Hey looks like this phone thing is quite catchy. i just bought the atom, betting on windows movile. A friend of mine say Nokia will have a Windows killer in the future… which model do you think that will be? :)

  2. Sandip on

    Yo man! Yeah my daddy trusts Atom too… Hmmm is it the age and maturation of the company or just O2 I dunno… but its been running well for almost 8 months now without a single glitch! Pretty good and reliable… =)

  3. NTT on

    I have never been a PDA person. I think I’d be too lazy to use it. But Atoms are good stuff, I think.

    @Sandip – So your Dad got back the Atom? I rem you said it was stolen or something.

    @Harro – Windows killer? I am not so sure. If you are meaning like a new OS, it could be any of the new Linux based stuff that’s coming out. Nokia and Motorola dabbling a lot in Linux these days, could be something to look out for.

  4. Aen on

    I have the KE850 a.k.a Prada Phone and I have to say it is not a ripoff of the iPhone. In fact the opposite might be true.

    KE850 won an iF Design Award in Sept 2006 while the iPhone was unveiled about 4 months later.


  5. NTT on

    @aen.. Hmm… I din know it then I guess.. As to who copies who is anyone’s guess.. Ah well… Apple sure knows how to create the hype…

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