There is a Zune Phone??

Just heard about this from CrunchGear.

… it looks like MS is working on a mobile WiMax-enabled Zune Phone, which would have download speeds of up to 2Mbps, fast enough for the Xbox-to-Zune streaming we’ve heard about, and fast enough for just about anything else the Zune Phone might be used for.

Highly speculative rumour indeed, especially since its based on some FCC applications. There have been cases of people getting over excited and misreading the FCC applications, as well as people photoshopping FCC applications.

It is belivable at some level though. Zune was a failure, and with iPhone rumours going around for sometime now, M$ could have already started developement some time ago. And we have seen M$ come up with very successful 2nd generation products.

Personally, I am hoping for this to be true. It will not only revive the Zune, but also boost the adoption of WiMax. WiMax is something that could be really usefull if implemented and deployed properly.

Well.. we can only wait and find out.


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