Concert Craziness…

Concerts, concerts, concerts!

So it’s the 1st quarter agian, and time to go concert crazy again like last year..

I must say that NUS Arts Festival is really great. I think there are a lot of new and interesting artsist to be heard here. And furthermore, it’s cheap, hence my excitement.

Personally,  the concert mania start on this Sunday. Here is the line up.

Sunday 11th Feb – Private Concert featuring my mom!! (Indian Semi/Classical)

Monday 12th Feb – Sur-Laya Samvaad – A Musical Conversation by Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma & Ustad Zakir Hussain (Indian Classical)

Friday 2nd Mar – SpectralSpace by Kim Cascone (New Media)

Friday 2nd Mar – Bushmen Live! by Bushmen (Reggae)

Sunday 4th Mar –  Broken River and Beyond by Tim O’Dwyer Trio (Jazz)

Sunday 11th Mar – Digital Sankirna by Ajay Kapur  (Fusion?)

Monday 12th Mar – Stellar Regions: Tribute to John Coltrane by Tim O’Dwyer Trio  (Jazz)

Friday 16th Mar –  Harp On with Katryna Tan (Classical)

Friday 16th Mar –  The Mathematics in Music: A Performance, Computer Demonstration and Conversation with Elaine Chew (Classical + New Media)

Friday 16th Mar – Press Play 2007 by NUS Electronic Music Lab (Electronica)

Friday 23rd Mar – Hear the Art… watch the music… An Interactive Visual Art Concert (New Media)

And there are so many more. I also wanna go for some of the workshops which are part of the NUS Arts Festival, and possibly more concerts. But it will all depend on how time permits. I am surely going for the 1st one and I already have the tickets for the 2nd one.

Any other recomendations?


2 comments so far

  1. sweska on

    dude buzz me for any FREE concerst in NUS and if u need company :P

  2. NTT on

    Ummm.. Free Concerts.. Sigh… Have lah, but normaly not so good one. Go see the NUS Arts Fest website, see if you find any interesting ones.

    Anyway, it’s NUS Arts Fest, shouldn’t be that ex lah. Like ~$10 only.

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