Of Pings and Pongs.

Unfortunately, I have run out of excuses to give as to why I am blogging this almost 4 days late. But anyway, here goes.

I attended the Ping.sg meet up on Monday. For those who do now know Ping.sg, (and I really doubt such people exist), it’s basically like a blog directory, where the number of clicks per blog from the directory are counted, and blogs are rated using this number. The rating system has a “Top in last 24hrs” section which tends to be similar to Digg front page (Yay! Flame Bait).

Boring stuff aside, it was a really fun meet up. I met many people, who are normally hidden behind the nicknames on ping.sg. Looks like the community at ping.sg is an interesting mixture of people from all age groups and backgrounds.

To my surprise, the meet up was attended by quite a few. According to the official list; uzyn, veron, harro, jugend, matthewchong, brennan, sweska, cibailang (2 persons), lostin, dk99, ridz84. Though, I think I missed dk99. Anyway, it was fun to see all of them ‘exposed’ (pun intended).

There were some interesting discussions about politics, local blogging scene, the internet trends, ping.sg and Singapore in general. Many pingers showed off their cameras and other gadgets, while others drank really sour lemonade. There was a lot of picture taking and also some accidents :P. Oh and a whole lot of sucking up to…. Just watch the video, and you will know. I rushed off before the games part, so I cant say much about that.. :(

Overall, it was a nice evening. Got to know a lot of interesting people. I hope the pingers will organize more such meetings..


2 comments so far

  1. Eriol on

    ahhh~ so it’s really you!
    i saw the picture off pitstop’s blog and i thought i saw your face…

  2. NTT on

    Yes yes, it was me. Trying to hide at the back. :D

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