NTT + iPhone = On Digital Life??

Wierdly enough, my post on the iPhone was published in the blogosphere section of Digital Life. Digital Life is a suppliment to The Straits Times.

Now, while I am pretty happy with my new found ‘fame’, I wonder why I was not contacted by Digital Life regarding this. As a form of basic courtesy, it would be good to just drop an email.

Don’t get me wrong, I am fine with people quoting me. But, if you are doing it on a newspaper or some other form of media, than the internet, I would like to know.

And, it seems like other users from were also  quoted in that segment! So Digital Life uses as a source for articles??? Hmm..


4 comments so far

  1. uzyn on

    You might be right. I’m seeing tons of iphone searches for the past few days on

  2. NTT on

    Hey, if they are using as a source, they should atleast leave a reference to it. Sigh. :(

  3. sweska on

    hehehehe… someone is getting famous! i told ya :P

  4. NTT on

    @sweska – Ya ya.. Better come get my autograph before I ‘stop knowing’ you all. 8-)

    Anyway, publish in Digital Life also no use. Din get any traffic from it. Like DK said, ppl too lazy to type the url. Also I wonder how many people actually read the Digital Life.

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