I need an Idea….

Now, I am 100% sure, working in the Industry kills every ounce of creavity left inside you. During my final year at NUS and before I got my job, I was brimming full of Ideas.

My little scribble book was filling up on an almost daily basis with interesting little ideas for small and large projects. Some stuff would be considered innovative, some almost fantastical, but all of it creative in my own sense.

For the last 2 months, I have not touched my scribble book. It sits at the bottom of bag. Holding all the sparks of inspirations..

I have neither the time to continue developing those ideas, nor am I comming up with new Ideas.

Life has become another mundane chore… Sigh.. To think I actually wanted this….


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  1. sweska on

    tell me about loosing creativity… it’s sad. But we have to figure out some way… because at the end of life i don’t wanna be known as something i am not…

    don’t give up! we’ll find out how to somehow… hopefully!!

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