Control Strategies in Real-Time Interactive Digital Sound Synthesis

WoooHooo!!! It’s finally done!!!!

Almost 6 months after the deadline I have managed to complete my FYP Thesis according to my personal standards. Well…not exactly the best peice of work I ever created, but I am finally content with what I have done.

I was never happy with what I had submitted to NUS. I knew no one was going to read it, so I didn’t care. So I decided to continue work on it during my spare time. And as you know, time is one luxury I cannot afford.

After many weekends of procrastination and plain old laziness, I have managed to redo most of the Thesis. There are some mistakes in it for sure. I will try my best to iron them out. Right now it v1.5 and its “Internet Worthy“. So here it is!!!

Control Strategies in Real-Time Interactive Digital Sound Synthesis

I am not sure about publication rights for this. But since the content was created by me, I think I should be able to distribute it to anyone who wishes to use it for scientific and educational use!

Call me crazy, mad or whatever you wish, I don’t care! Today…I am Happy!!!


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